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What is GLAT ?

GLAT is an amalgam of two words, the growing based travel of GLAMPING and a unique ATMOSPHERE to experience a new way of exploring the incredible environment. Putting these concepts together, we create amazing atmospheres that help us get out of our routine and interact with our own environments. In this way we can take care of our planet in eco-friendly luxury cabins designed to guarantee an extraordinary experience.

What is GLAMPING ?

Glamping is a fusion of GLAMOUR & CAMPING; it allows people to live a new experience by discovering amazing and wonderful natural destinations around the world, with all the luxury and comfort of a world class hotel.


  • GLAT uses an innovative modular construction system that can be installed in less than 24 hours so you can focus on running your operation.
  • lnstallation cost is extremely low because GLAT tents don't require any on-site construction. All the modules are part of a pre-fab system that could easily be relocated if necessary.
  • If you are an operator or new to the glamping industry, GLAT has a solution that fits your needs.
  • Licenses and permits are a very important issue, with GLAT you could easily build up a complete development without the ecological impact that traditional construction provokes.
  • With our one of a kind construction and custom design, our structures are suitable for all seasons while still having high end finishing and luxury comfort.
  • All GLAT units, as mentioned before, are very easy to relocate with a low installation cost. In case you decided to change your location, move your tents or close your development 100% of the tent's investment will be recovered.
  • GLAT glamping tents do not rely solely on canvas as most of the traditional designs. Our system is insulated (roof and walls) with diferente layers providing thermal capacity in the inside. Another important feature is that our system could withstand heavy winds and harsh weather making the inside of the tent relaxing and comfortable.

Family & Friends 

We offer Glamping structures in three different models that vary according to the vision and masterplan requirements of our customers. We offer custom, turnkey solutions at a competitive price. From design to installation we will be there every step of the way to turn your dream project into reality.




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*The price range varies according to the specifications of each client.

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GLAT is a new way of living with the outside, a new way of sharing with those you care, a way to be closer than ever to nature.